Fairy Dust


Clear your counters and shelves and make some space for South Africa’s best-selling, unequaled novelty item.

Our enchantingly adorable bottles are carefully filled with magically iridescent glitter, each particle displaying a wonderous spectrum of colours that shimmer, shine and sparkle!!

Each fabulous bottle is labeled, filled and capped by hand with the greatly appreciated help of our hard working “fairies”.

Every bottle is just 33mm high, 11mm wide, and we’ve managed to squish 1.5grams of our non-toxic, acid free dazzling glitter which is presented in a spectacular black vacuum formed plastic display stand holding 104 units, which will add that “WOW” affect to any counter!!



Fairy Dust ® and its fairies are a trademark of The Glitter Factory. Look out for our labels. Illegal impersonations appear in the market . Please report stockists with these items in stores. Rewards are paid in Fairy Dust ®!

Getting glitter in your eye is exactly the same as getting dust or sand so please don’t panic, Our product is proven non-allergic material so simply rinse eye with water!
Our product is non toxic andis certified to comply with ASTM D 4236


(USA labeling of hazerdous materials act)

Since the use of this material is beyond our control The Glitter Factory makes no warranty expressed or implied as to its results or applications

  • Fairy Dust is ONLY sold in trays of 104 units. (ie not in loosely sold bottles)
  • When ordering your refill, you do not have to order another display stand
  • When ordering your refill, you may select your choice of colours
  • Fairy Dust is a acid free, non-toxic formulation safe for kids
  • Fairy Dust is suited for the ages 6 and older


Colours run as follows as per above:

Back Row Front Row
Holes Colour Holes Colour
1 Lumo Chakra 1 Pastel Chakra
2 Lumo Chakra 2 Pastel Chakra
3 Violet / Plum 3 Pastel Lavender
4 Grape 4 Pastel Pink
5 Raspberry 5 Pastel Pink
6 Xtra Pink 6 Pastel Peach
7 Xtra Pink 7 Pastel Yellow
8 Pink 8 Pastel Green
9 Pomegranate 9 Pastel Blue
10 Melon 10 Crystal (White)
11 Yellow 11 Crystal (White)
12 Lime 12 Holo Silver
13 Reef 13 Holo Gold



Our Famous 2gram bottles are now back by popular demand. These original bottles were created for the first time in 2000, and still remain a favourite. Double the size of their slim sister bottle, they have a cork closure, only the best cork is used to ensure continuous use of the product.


Avaliable in a variety of colours:

Silver Silver Violet Lavender
Gold Gold Grape Love
Egypt Egypt Mauve Dusty Rose
Lime Lime Rose Sweet Pink
Forest Forest Pink Shock Pastel Pink
Ocean Ocean Coral Pretty Peach
Aqua Aqua Melon Sun Yellow
Artic Ice Night Yellow Spring Green
Night Steel Lime Cool Aqua
Steel Black Green Baby Blue
Black Brown Blue
Brown Champagne Reef FRUIT
Champagne Copper Plum Crazy
Copper Scarlet CRYSTAL Raspberry Rush
Scarlet Shell Crystal Strawberry Swirl
Shell Fuschia Crystal Pearl Tangerine Tease
Fuschia Lavender Crystal Gold Lemon Buzz
Lavender Grape Crystal Violet Crazy Kiwi
Grape Forest
Blueberry Blaze