Skwinkles and Skwiglues


We offer a wide range of colours in our hand crafted glitter glues i.e. swkiglues and our dry glitter namely Skwinkles. This non toxic , acid free glitter can be used to add that sparkle for any occasion


  • Our wide variety of colours listed below , please refer to shade card to view colour.
  • Skwinkles is available in a 10g super soft squeezy glue bottle. Available in 68 colours
  • Skwiglues is available in a 20ml super soft squeezy bottle
  • Available in 68 colours.
  • Super safe and non toxic, with an acid free glue formulation.
  • The nozzles are designed to fit tightly into the cap ensuring the product has an extremely long shelf life


Metallic Range

PMR01 Silver
PMR02 Gold
PMR25 Egypt
PMR03 Lime
PMR04 Forest
PMR05 Ocean
PMR06 Aqua
PMR27 Artic Ice
PMR08 Night
PMR21 Steel
PMR09 Black
PMR11 Brown
PMR24 Champagne
PMR23 Copper
PMR13 Scarlet
PMR14 Shell
PMR15 Fuschia
PMR18 Lavender
PMR19 Grape

Holographic Range

PHR01 Silver
PHR02 Gold
PHR03 Lime
PHR04 Forest
PHR05 Ocean
PHR06 Aqua
PHR08 Night
PHR21 Steel
PHR09 Black
PHR11 Brown
PHR24 Champagne
PHR23 Copper
PHR13 Scarlet
PHR14 Shell
PHR15 Fuchsia
PHR18 Lavender
PHR19 Grape

Lumo Range

PLR01 Violet
PLR02 Grape
PLR13 Mauve
PLR03 Rose
PLR04 Pink Shock
PLR05 Coral
PLR07 Melon
PLR08 Yellow
PLR09 Lime
PLR10 Green
PLR12 Blue
PLR14 Reef

Pastel Range

PPR01 Lavender Love
PPR08 Dusty Rose
PPR02 Sweet Pink
PPR03 Pretty Peach
PPR04 Sun Yellow
PPR05 Spring Green
PPR06 Cool Aqua
PPR07 Baby Blue

Fruit range

PFR01 Plum Crazy
PFR02 Raspberry Rush
PFR03 Strawberry Swirl
PFR04 Tangerine Tease
PFR05 Lemon Buzz
PFR06 Crazy Kiwi
PFR09 Forest
PFR07 Blueberry Blaze

Crystal Range

PCR01 Crystal
PCR02 Crystal Pearl
PCR03 Crystal Gold
PCR04 Crystal Violet